Rolly Tasker, the sailmaker behind SailSelect

An Australian sailmaker which established itself in Thailand roughly ten years ago, Rolly Tasker Sails has western management. The company is therefore not to be confused with most Chinese sailmakers, who, as most of us will acknowledge, tend to judge quality differently than do Europeans.

The proprietor, Mr Rolly Tasker, has been a key figure in professional sailing for more than 45 years. Of America's Cup prominence, his celebrated crews competed for (and won!) almost every Cup. For tens of years he has been engaged in the manufacture of both racing yachts and sails; initially primarily for meeting his own racing needs.

Today Mr. Tasker controls one of the largest sail lofts in the world, and supplies to more than 50 countries.

Sailselect is actively supporting Tasker's bid to become the world's largest sailmaker. In a nutshell, there is the mutual aim to grow further by way of a product that we deem to represent unbeatable value.

Zeilmakerij: spinnaker van Rolly Tasker
Zeilmakerij: spinnaker van Rolly Tasker

A remarkable feat, Tasker Sails froze sail prices for nearly fifteen years in spite of facing spiralling costs. Innovation and expansion permitted cost-cutting.

Many parts have come to be produced in-house. Think of rings, lines, tooling and so forth. Moreover, cloths, from Dacron to laminates, are purchased per 300km... It will be appreciated that in the industry few parties have the clout to negotiate such quantities on behalf of their customers.


Until recently Rolly Tasker Sails enjoyed representation in only a handful European countries. No proper network was setup by the company and hence no concerted marketing effort was made. The Rolly Tasker brand remained largely unknown. Among sailors who put to sea long before most of us and who competed internationally, many are aware of its role as major supplier to the regatta circuit.

Brand unfamiliarity is explained, further, by so-called 'white label products' for European sailmakers that outsource part of their production. Even though large numbers are being produced for the European market, many sailors remain unaware that their sails were made by Rolly Tasker.

SailSelect takes pride in representing Tasker Sails directly, merging for you, the customer, manufacturing experience and attractive pricing with the practicalities of doing business with a smaller, flexible, client-oriented local organisation.

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