Why choose SailSelect as your sailmaker?

SailSelect is a European sailmaker with offices in a fast growing number of European countries, including Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. Neither an internet company nor a mere trade office, SailSelect is a genuine sailmaker offering a full range of services to satisfy customers' wishes before and after purchase.

For example, we prefer to take your yacht's rig measurements ourselves. This ensures accuracy, grants an opportunity for assessing your sailing needs in greater detail, and allows us to share invaluable know-how about the practicalities of your rig. SailSelect's chief interest is in creating new sails for yachts, dinghies and one design formulas; they may sail recreationally, cruise off-shore or compete on the highest level.

elan450SailSelect is owned by Jeroen Koninkx, a Dutchman who, after a successful career in information technology, fulfilled his dream and what had been a great passion for many years he managed to transform into a profession. First, extensive research had to be carried out, comparing sailmakers the world over. Eventually, in 2005, delivery of first-class sails, made to specification by Rolly Tasker Sails, one of the world's largest sailmakers, began.As sole agent for most of Western Europe, SailSelect represents a powerful alliance that you, as a customer, profit by. In terms of product quality we operate in the higher segment - please pay attention when comparing prices.

Furthermore, we are extending our range to include products that contribute to enjoying what is for fellow sailors perhaps also their greatest passion.

Now, why do business in Asia? Apart from cultural distinctiveness and overwhelming natural beauty, this part of the world is perhaps most peculiar industrially, where, especially at present, so much is happening so quickly. Production figures confirm that economic growth is unprecedented.

The argument in favour of Asia appears straightforward - the economic law that scale of production and cost per unit tend to correlate inversely.

In short, to merge a large manufacturing base in Asia with a small, flexible, customer-oriented organisation in Western Europe makes good business sense.

SailSelect offers you precisely this combination: a high quality product from one of the worlds largest manufacturers and a flexible local party that is customer oriented.