SailSelect is also dealer of the famous GRANSEGEL Catamaran multihull sails!

The Gransegel sails have proven to be world class winning designs for top performance sailing. Their F18 gennaker is unique and there is no other alternative with the same performance. SailSelect is dealer for their complete product range including F18, Hobie, Nacra, Tornado, Capricorn, etc. Mainsails, jibs, gennakers, all sails to the highest standards and conform class specifications.

We have our F-18 in Gennaker-UP/Down wind course, or Archepelago-Raid versions. Martin Strandberg & crew used 100% GRANSEGEL in the 2007 Raid with a Third place first time doing the Raid, and same helmsman with new crew became SECOND (silver) in the 2008 Raid with a Nacra boat and FIRST (gold) in the Swedish Championship of F-18 in 2008 (up-Down wind).

In either Contender SK-75 or SK-80 if Natural (White). Normal deliverytime is about 20-30 working days, about (4-6Weeks) from order. (In our highseason April to July, it could be a little longer.)

We recommend to use HARKEN McLube spray or HOLMENKOL impregnation bath to take friction away and always a dry and lighter sail.

Usually we make them in dark blue because they last longer.

Catamaran sails
Catamaran sails
Catamaran sails
Catamaran sails
Catamaran sails
Catamaran sails


Mainsail-HPR-Pentex: €1650 excl battens, incl NL VAT and ISAF label/measurered
Battens-FiberFoam 7-8 pcs €215 incl NL-VAT
Jib-HPR-Pentex €545 incl NL-VAT and ISAF label/measurered
Spinnaker/Gennaker-UP/Down in SK-75 €925 incl NL-VAT and ISAF label/measurered
Spinnaker/Gennaker-UP/Down in SK-80 Nat €945 incl NL-VAT and ISAF label/measurered
Spinnaker/Gennaker-Archepelago-Raid in SK-75 €895 incl NL-VAT and ISAF label/measurered
Spinnaker/Gennaker-Archepelago-Raid in SK-80 Nat €915 incl NL-VAT and ISAF label/measurered

Freight in EU with Truckservice is about €49 with Danzas/Dhl. Mainsail and Jib a little more.

Freight panic with DHL in EU €176 for one Gennaker 24 h service. Mainsail and Jib little more.

All prices in Euro incl. 19% NL VAT. EU export to other companies with VAT no.
PLEASE send VAT # and name of company or Federation if sponsored!

We need the following to accept an order:
Name of user/sailor.
Name & adress of buyer/sponsor and with a 'active' VAT No. If export in EU.
Full adress.
All tel&fax no.
Sail no.
Poole system.
Or own system incl measurements & number of patches.
Delivery adress if not to sailor / Club / or sponsor.


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Standard spinnakers and gennakers!

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