Headsails: genoa and jib

It is with a view to addressing your sailing wishes that we lay out and particularise headsails.

Basic models and further specifications, for genoas and jibs:

  • models: economy, coastal cruising or off-shore/racing
  • cross-cut, bi-radial or tri-radial cut
  • cloth and weight (choose from different types of dacron/polyester or from the latest kevlar-, carbon- and or pentex laminates)
  • letters (logo and/or number)
  • a special kind of foam fitted to the luff so that sail shape is best retained when the sail is partly furled
  • a sun cover that protects the sail against harmful UV-rays, sewn onto the leech and foot. Increases durability
  • standard genoa sizes: I, II, III; 150%, 135%, 100% - plus custom sizes
  • storm jib

Standard features include:

  • flo stripes
  • telltales
  • radial reinforcements at top, tack and clew
  • RVS(316) high quality stainless steel rings
  • leech line
  • sturdy sail bag

Further options may vary for economy, coastal cruising of off-shore