Membrane sails

SAILSELECT recently introduced their MATRIX™ Membrane sails. Load Path Technology for the future. Our Membrane sails have evolved with improved stringing and laminating techniques, new state of the art laminating machinery and wide Carbon beam fiber stringers. The mainsail and genoa on the above picture exhibits a perfectly smooth foil. SAILSELECT has been manufacturing and distributing strung membrane sails since beginning 2008 throughout their extended European network with success.

Design of cloth and sail at the same time!! Out on the water, this results in light, strong and fast sails!!! This new technology allows us to design the cloth and the sail at the same time. This way a sail will have its optimal design where fiber layout fits exactly the shape of the sail and the ¨sailing required¨ To put it simply: the ultimate result in strength, weight and performance.

Although originally developed for the Grand Prix racing, membrane sails are now broadly accepted as the perfect performance sail. Both cruising and racing.


These laminate sails are meant for high performance cruising. Sails are designed and made with the latest ¨Load Path Technology¨ , a recent knowledge learned from highest level regattas. Resulting in durable sails with highest performance.

Taffeta on both sides of the sail: Membrane Cruising is the ultimate cruising product for the knowledgeable cruiser. The sail is protected by a rugged taffeta exterior (incl. UV protection) in white or light grey with other colors available on request. Fibres used in these sails (eg. pentex, vectran) are specially chosen for its durability and long term performance.


The Membrane Enduro sails are the ideal choice for the cruiser racer. The Taffeta adds durability and longevity whilst still with a great hi-tech look. The standard 75 gram taffeta can be upgraded to a lighter weight (40gr).

Film surface on one side and Taffeta on the other side


These sails are designed and made for racing and winning regattas. Membrane Racing sails meant for modern skiffs right up to the maxi racer. Top of the line race sails in a film/ film configuration.

Film to film sails: Flexible choice of hi-tech fibres and scrims to get your own look. Film thickness varies between 1 and 3 mil in film thickness depending on sail size.