Light wind sails: Spinnaker Gennaker Code Zero

Our Spinnaker sails are designed with state-of-the-art Smar Azure sail design software in Full-Radial cut.
The Full Radial design is the most popular choice and strongest construction. The radial shaped panels fan out from the three corners Head, Clew and Tack and run throughout the sail. 



Asymmetric race spinnaker

Our Asymmetric Race Spinnakers are of course custom made and constructed to the highest level of quality. Our cutting edge Asymmetric Spinnakers are optimised for 6 different wind range models for the best performance on every course. Typical material is Contender Superkote or for planing boats Powerkote.

A2 Spinnaker

Code Zero

Cruising Code Zeros are mostly designed with a straight luff incorporating an anti-torsion rope for easy furling. Cruising Code Zeros have a small positive roach for easy handling and stable trim. We can built them out of heavy spinnaker cloth at very competitive prices or a laminate with less stretch for better performance and pointing.

Race Code Zeros are built out of special Code Zero laminates such as Contender ZL or Dimension Polyant CZ Laminate. The mid girth of Racing Code Zeros is usually designed to be 75% of foot to avoid ORC rating penalties. With a SMG of 75% the sail is considered as an asymmetrical spi. This will have a small downturn in wind range and handling but this is accepted by racers because of the advantages in rating.

Code Zero

Custom Spinnaker

Our advanced sail design program moulds the perfect sail in size and shape prior to manufacture. All sails are manufactured using our unique full radial multi-panel layout and are constructed from the best nylons. The result is a sail with a smooth flying shape that is stable and easy to trim. 
Our symmetrical downwind sails will be designed to your needs varying between pure downwind (runner) to allround or for reaching and stronger winds.

Custom Offshore Spinnaker

Standard Spinnaker

In addition to our custom build sails we offer a standard range of asymmetric and symmetric spinnakers. They are produced in 20 sizes and will suit most common boats. They are produced in high volumes in low season and in standard colors with blue, white and red star design. This is why these spinnakers are priced very competitive without saving on quality and finish. They are all cut to a full radial panel layout and in our Offshore standard.  In addition you can purchase a suitable sized spinnaker sock for easy handling.

Standard Spinnaker

Our standard specification includes:

– Individual sail design
– Spinnaker Cloth or Dimension Polyant Code Zero Laminate
– Seams triple stitch with UV stabilised thread
– Stainless steel rings reinforced with webbing
– Strong Radial patches
– Luff with Anti Torsion Rope or Pocket to install existing Cable
– Low stretch leech line with clam cleat
– Full rows of tell-tales
– XL sail bag and sail tie